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I love my teeth!!! I have had many fillings from Dr. Carlston and veneers as well. It feels so good to smile and I am complimented on my teeth regularly now. My teeth look so natural that even my closest friend couldn't pin point what was different about me. I would highly recommend him! The staff was friendly and helpful and the facility was clean and professional. I will definitely be back when in Los Angeles. Angie C., Mountlake, WA

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A New Smile in One Appointment

Porcelain Veneers West Los Angeles

Although people tend to agree that the appearance of a smile can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s self-confidence and ability to make a good first impression, many are actually unhappy with the appearance of their own smiles. Dr. Dean L. Carlston believes that a person’s smile should help them move forward confidently, not hold them back. He offers a number of advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments, including porcelain veneers, at his West Los Angeles practice, in an effort to give all of his patients the smiles they deserve. Porcelain veneers and no-prep veneers can drastically enhance the look of the teeth, allowing patients to finally feel proud of their smile. If you are interested in learning if you would make a good candidate for porcelain veneers, contact our dental practice today. We happily accept patients from West Hollywood, Culver City, and surrounding communities.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made restorations that are designed to fit naturally on the front surfaces of the teeth. Patients may choose to receive veneers to correct a wide range of cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Stains or discoloration
  • Uneven spacing
  • Chips or cracks
  • A “gummy” smile

Porcelain mimics the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth, making the end result undetectable to others. Dr. Carlston creates all porcelain veneers at his West Los Angeles practice using CEREC® technology, rather than outsourcing their creation to a dental lab that is unfamiliar with his patients’ specific oral conditions. This personalized touch allows Dr. Carlston to provide patients with veneers that coincide precisely with their cosmetic goals, while drastically reducing treatment time.

Receiving Porcelain Veneers

Eliminating the need for laboratory work also allows patients to receive a brand new smile in one easy office visit. During a consultation, Dr. Carlston will perform a thorough examination and make room for veneers by removing a thin layer of enamel from the natural tooth. He will then take 3D images of the mouth that will serve as guidelines for the creation of veneers. Once the veneers are created, typically in about one hour, Dr. Carlston will bond the veneers to the natural teeth. He then uses his aesthetic eye and precise skill to shape the veneers into an attractive, new smile. Patients can then leave his office looking better and feeling more confident than when they first arrived.

Minimal-prep Veneers

In addition to porcelain veneers, Dr. Carlston offers patients who wish to enhance their smile IPS e.max® veneers, a less invasive option that offers a number of benefits over traditional restorations. The IPS e.max® System uses a strong, yet ultra-thin (0.3 mm thick) ceramic material, known as lithium disilicate, to create a flawless result. These veneers are similar to LUMINEERS™ and are so thin that often little to no tooth preparation is required. This treatment option is enticing for patients who want to preserve as much of their natural tooth structure as possible, as well as those who are apprehensive about receiving traditional veneers. Despite the fact that IPS e.max® veneers are extra thin, they offer the same durability as their porcelain counterparts.

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Our team, led by Dr. Carlston, does everything that we can to help patients achieve their cosmetic and oral health goals. Veneers are among the most popular and versatile cosmetic treatment options, and can completely transform the smile. If you think that your smile could use a boost, and would like to learn if you are a candidate for porcelain veneers, contact our West Los Angeles dental practice today to schedule an appointment.

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