General Dentistry to us does not mean “basic” by any means. We specialize in and can deliver a grandiose range of Dental Treatment Options for all age groups. Whether it's Preventative Care, Maintenance, Treatment Procedures, or something Non-Invasive; we provide Gentle and Professional care all throughout Los Angeles and West L.A.



Preventative care is just as or more important than getting a procedure done to restore your smile. Using modern and updated dental tech; we monitor patients via routine dental exams, provide flouride treaments, place anti-decay sealants, and provide credentialed and sourced health advice to assist with a majority of oral health problems.


Periodontal Care can be the difference maker in prevention of gum disease. Our hygienists specialize in the neutralization of bacteria and preventative maintenance to help avoid gum disease in the future. Whether it's the process of scaling, root planing, or using antibiotic treatment; our goal is to cleanse away the bacteria.  We offer a Gum Graft Treatment, Pinhole Procedure, or Receding Gums Treatment starting at $1,500.


Sedation Dentistry was designed to put you at ease or help you relax. We understand that some patients go through anxiety and are uneasy with the thought of the dentist chair. However, Carlston Dental Group has options such as nitrous oxide and oral sedation to rid and calm those nerves.


We provide general and specialized dental care to all age groups from infants to seasoned adults. Afraid of the Dentist? We're known as @GentleDentalLA on social media for a reason. Whether it's orthodontic and periodontal treatments or restorative dentistry work; patients can expect a smooth and gentle process.


Orthodontia or Dentofacial Orthopedics is looked upon as a foundation for maintaining optimal health and dental care. Quality Orthodontic care is a priority service that we provide and lays the ground work for cosmetic and restorative procedures in the future if applicable. Patients can opt for the preferred Invisalign® option which offers customized oral trays which are guaranteed to fit properly. The trays can be removed anytime, are wire-less, and in most cases undetectable to other people.

Trays can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing

  • Undetectable to others

  • Customized for proper fit

  • No tightening or adjustments of wires required

  • Fewer office visits needed

  • Complete results in about one year


Tooth Conserving Dentistry or Biomimetic Dentistry illustrates the concept of working on the natural tooth. At Carlston Dental Group, we like to preserve the original as much as possible by utilizing Tooth Conserving Treatments powered by minimally-invasive methods and philosophies. As they say, “there's nothing like the original.”