Orthodontia Basics

By Dr. Dean Carlston

Infections of the gum tissue have long been related to and associated with systemic illness in the body; and recently they have been linked even to Alzheimer's disease. So it's important to keep the gums healthy to prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream through infected gum tissue. Implantitis, (infection surrounding implants) occurs far more often in Implants whose design includes screws to retain the crown portion of the implant; and whose design does not favor complete submersion of the implant within the bone. That is why we use Bicon Implants in our dental office. The design of the Bicon implant is such that it retains the dental crown by friction rather than by screws. The friction retention system does not allow bacterial invasion into the implant body. Also, the design of the implant body actually encourages bone growth over the entire body; whereas other implant systems experience bone loss down the body to the level where the threads begin. This creates an operationistic environment for bacterial migration down and around the implant body causing implantitis and implant failure. Experienced dentists with extensive orthodontic training can accomplish the same results with invisalign as with traditional bracket placement orthodontia. There are several orthodontic movements that are best suited for Invisalign protocol. Sometimes a combined approach of conventional expansion appliances to begin treatment with Invisalign taking over the case later in treatment leads to a faster resolution of the case; but, with a highly trained dentist, the vast majority of cases can be treated solely with Invisalign. Tooth decay progresses much factor in dentin than in enamel. It the decay begins on the root surface, the damage becomes major much sooner than when it begins in the enamel. Refined foods contribute to tooth decay significantly more than Whole Foods without sugar.

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