Preventive Care

"An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure." - Benjamin Franklin.

Although Carlston Dental Group is able to provide treatment for a number of oral health problems, our overall ultimate goal is to help his patients maintain optimal oral health throughout their lifetime and have the dental work last through generations. Using the latest dental technologies, such as digital X-ray systems and intraoral cameras, we provide superlative care to all patients in an effort to avoid complications. This includes comprehensive, routine dental exams, fluoride treatments, and the placement of sealants to seal out decay. General dentistry is a cornerstone of treatment at our dental practice located in West Los Angeles.

It's important to keep up and maintain good oral health just like any other part of the anatomy. Without regular check-ups and routine visits, certain functions and parts may break down just as a vehicle does. To schedule a check-up or even get a 2nd hassle-free opinion; feel free to reach out here. We serve residents of West L.A. and The Greater Los Angeles area as well.

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