Tooth Conservation

Tooth Conserving Dentistry does not refer to any specific subset of procedures, but rather is an idea that flows through much of our dental practice, from the technology utilized to the procedures performed. Dr. Carlston utilizes other tools such as intraoral cameras and digital X-ray systems, which allow him to gain a precise understanding of a patient’s condition, so he can recommend efficient treatment.

Tooth Conserving Dentistry plays a role in every treatment that Dr. Carlston prescribes at his West Los Angeles practice. When patients require restorative dental work, Dr. Carlston seeks out the least-invasive method that will achieve the desired results and satisfy the patient’s needs. For example, while patients who suffer from moderate tooth decay or damage may assume that they need a dental crown, the truth is that most issues can be handled with the placement of an inlay or onlay. Unlike crowns, inlays and onlays are placed over a portion of the tooth. These restorations require much less tooth preparation. This is not only healthier in the long run, but also makes treatment more comfortable and convenient for patients. Other less-invasive treatments that Dr. Carlston may recommend include dental bonding or tooth-colored fillings.

As an expert in tooth conserving dentistry, or natural dentistry, Dr. Carlston is also able to produce quality results without the need for tooth extractions, in many cases. While some dentists may make room for restorative treatment by removing teeth, Dr. Carlston is able to do so through advanced orthodontics. Ultimately, the mouth can remain healthy, because much of or all of it remains intact.

It is Dr. Carlston’s primary goal to help his patients sustain the health of their mouths with the least-invasive treatment methods. This not only makes it less intimidating for patients to receive oral care, but actually increases the longevity of the results. To learn more about how tooth conserving dentistry can achieve superior, healthy results, contact our West Los Angeles practice today.

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