Denture Repairs & Relines in Los Angeles, CA

Denture Repairs & Relines in Los Angeles, CA

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If you have full or partial dentures, you know how wonderful it is to regain your teeth. Whether you have replaced a row or your entire mouth, dentistry makes chewing the foods you enjoy simpler and can restore your confidence. Dentures require proper care to function properly. The longer a denture is worn, the more probable it is that it will need to be repaired or relined. Denture repairs and relines are not the same, although both are required for your dentures' long-term health. At Carlston Dental Group, our dentist can tell you which one you need after a thorough examination. A denture relines the inside surface of your denture to improve fit and comfort as your mouth changes naturally over time. Chips, hairline fractures, and other issues are all addressed by a denture repair.

Causes of Loose Dentures

A poorly fitting set of dentures can cause discomfort, pain, and difficulty speaking and eating your favorite foods. If your dentures are loose or do not fit properly, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible for denture repairs. Inadequate bone support in the jaw, and a receding jawbone over time, are common causes of loose dentures. Additionally, the improper fit of the dentures and poor dental hygiene can lead to a loose fit over time. Immediate dentures placed on the day of surgery often need a few adjustments to become comfortable and stable enough to wear without the fear of slipping.

Dentures Repairs

A denture repair may be needed occasionally due to natural wear and tear. If you’ve experienced an accident, your dentures may sustain damage, crack or break. When your dentures are chipped or broken, waiting for an appointment is not always an option. Dentures are crucial for optimal health and nutrition and for feeling at ease in everyday conversations. You’ll need to get them repaired promptly to avoid any further damage. 

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Dentures Relines

If your dentures no longer fit properly, you may require denture relining. This process involves taking your existing denture and fitting a new base inside. The prosthetic will fit more securely around your gums but will not change the shape or appearance of your smile.

Gum tissue changes shape and shrinks as you age, which can result in loose-fitting dentures. Over time, bone can deteriorate beneath the gums, causing your dentures to slip out of place even more. A soft liner helps the appliance to stay in place a little better. It will also add cushioning so that your cheeks won’t rub against your dentures all day, which can irritate them.

A soft liner can support your remaining teeth if you wear a partial denture. It will also help to keep your palate from moving out of place.

If you’re considering getting dentures or need your existing ones repaired, contact Carlston Dental Group at 2472 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064, or call (310) 838-0844.


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