Teeth Extractions in Los Angeles, CA

Teeth Extractions in Los Angeles, CA

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At Carlston Dental Group, an extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from a patient’s bone and gum line. The reasons for needing an extraction can vary, but removing teeth that are severely decayed or damaged are some of the most common reasons. Teeth can also become impacted or stuck in place by the surrounding jawbone being too small to accommodate the tooth coming in. A patient may need an extraction to make room for other teeth to come in naturally; for example in the case of wisdom teeth growing in at an angle that do not allow room for the other teeth in the jaw to grow in at a normal angle.

Reason for Teeth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be needed when a tooth is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired by fillings, crowns or other restorative treatment. If a patient is suffering from gum disease or tooth decay in a tooth that cannot be saved, a tooth extraction may be necessary to prevent infection from spreading to surrounding teeth. Extraction may also be recommended if a baby tooth has not fallen out as it should. In this case, the tooth can be extracted so the adult tooth can erupt properly and in the correct position in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth are another set of molars that can be troublesome for many people. They may not have enough space in the jaw to erupt fully, which can cause pain and damage other teeth. You may have your wisdom teeth removed to avoid problems such as overcrowding, impacted teeth and damage to neighboring teeth.

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The Procedure for Extraction 

When a patient has an infection that is too severe for a simple filling, tooth removal may be the best option. During the procedure, the patient is given a local anesthetic that will numb the area and relieve any pain. Then, the tooth is loosened by loosening the ligaments that hold it in place. The dentist will then use forceps to remove the tooth.

Topical anesthetic can be used to relieve pain during this procedure. For patients who have anxiety or fear surrounding tooth extractions, sedation dentistry can be used to ensure the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

After the procedure is complete, gauze will be placed over the area to control bleeding and help it heal properly. The patient may need stitches for their gums to heal completely as well. A patient should schedule a follow-up appointment with the dentist within a couple of days of the procedure to ensure that the wound is healing properly. Some pain medication will also be prescribed if necessary. Patients should avoid eating hard foods for a set amount of time following the procedure to ensure that their teeth and gums are not damaged further.

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