At Carlston Dental Group, our iTero® digital scanner lets you see what the dentist sees. The stunning 3D images of your teeth and intuitive review tools will give you a better understanding of your oral health and possible treatment. You can view the detailed images captured by the iTero scanner alongside our team, getting the help you need to understand what is happening in your mouth and allowing our dentist to understand your oral health and provide you with oral appliances, such as Invisalign® clear aligners, and restorative dentistry that fits your teeth and smile. We’ll show you a comprehensive look at your oral health in minutes and help you track its progress over time. Call Carlston Dental Group at 310-838-0844 to learn more about iTero digital scanners in Los Angeles, California, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dean Carlston. Get ready to experience the difference iTero digital technology can make!