Bicon Implants in Los Angeles, CA

Bicon Implants in Los Angeles, CA

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Because of tremendous developments in implant dentistry, which has found its way into general practice over the last ten years, more options are available on the market to replace lost teeth. Patients can choose between a fixed bridge or dentures, but an individual artificial tooth, an implant, or implants to replace several teeth are a much better long-term solution.

The distinctive plateau shape of the Bicon dental implant adheres to sound bioengineering principles, allowing for the use of short implants. Its bacterially-sealed, locking taper implant-to-abutment connection allows for 360° of universal abutment positioning, providing restorative flexibility unrivaled by other implant systems. Because the bone preserved over the shoulder of the implant offers support for the interdental papillae, the sloping shoulder of the Bicon dental implant constantly allows for gingivally beautiful restorations.

Bicon implants have a larger surface area for their size, allowing for shorter implants and, in some situations, reducing the requirement for bone grafting treatments. Many implant systems comprise multiple components that are kept together by screws and a septic connection. At Carlston Dental Group, the Bicon dental implant system was made up of only two parts: the implant is the part that goes into the jawbone, and the abutment is the part that fits into the implant and offers a stable foundation for a permanent crown or removable denture.

Why Are Short Implants Beneficial?

Shorter implants ease placement and reduce hazards because they are less intrusive. Another critical consideration is that it would frequently obviate the necessity for bone grafting surgeries. In addition, Bicon is the only implant system associated with bone development surrounding the top of the implant, as opposed to bone decrease with other implants. For these reasons, we are certain that we offer the most excellent alternative to implant dentistry. 

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What Can Bicon Implants Be Used For?

Patients with missing or failing teeth can have a new smile with permanent dental implants from Bicon. The implant posts are inserted into the jawbone, encouraging new bone to grow around each post to secure them. Once the posts are in place, natural-looking crowns can be placed atop them to complete the restoration. Patients can eat the foods they love again without worrying about their restorations shifting or coming out. Once healed, they look and feel completely natural, providing patients with years of use and enjoyment.

Bicon dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. They allow patients to eat and speak with confidence again, and they support natural-looking and strong restorations that improve the overall appearance of their mouths. Unlike traditional dentures, they require no messy creams or adhesives to hold them in place. This sets them apart from conventional partials or complete dentures. 

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