Ozone Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Ozone Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

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The use of ozone in dental care is a revolutionary and innovative therapeutic approach. Ozone is a kind of oxygen that is essential in treating oral disorders. At Carlston Dental Group, dental ozone treatment is a non-invasive, natural treatment for many common dental issues. Several dental conditions are eliminated by ozone treatment, including remineralization, periodontal disease, and tooth sensitivity. Several dental disorders can be treated with ozone without painful or intrusive procedures. It does not require numbing of your teeth or gums to use, and it contains no hazardous chemicals that can impair your immune system.

When Is Ozone Therapy Used in Dentistry?

Gum Disease

Gum disease can be assisted in healing by applying ozonated water and ozone gas to the gum line and surrounding tissues.

Root Canal Therapy

Ozone can be utilized for various objectives, including sanitizing the canal system, boosting speedier healing, and destroying microorganisms. Because ozone is gas, it can reach tiny parts of the tooth that are usually inaccessible, resulting in a more sterile system.

Encourage Healing

During a tooth extraction or other procedure that causes trauma to oral tissue, ozonated gas can be administered to the area to kill microorganisms while also initiating a healing response.

How Does Ozone Dental Therapy Work?

Ozone dental therapy uses ozone administration to disinfect and prevent common dental problems. The ozone's negative charge is naturally drawn to sites of inflammation and infection. When a cavity is exposed to ozone, the bacteria surrounding the tooth are not only killed but the environment is altered so that the germs cannot thrive. Acidity is beneficial to the microorganisms that live in your mouth. Ozone neutralizes dental acidity by changing pH levels, eradicating harmful oral germs, and resulting in a healthier mouth and teeth. Ozone dental therapy is an excellent preventative treatment that can help a patient avoid root canal treatment since it is a practical, natural way to minimize infection and inflammation.

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The Benefits of Ozone Dental Therapy

Ozone therapy has been utilized successfully in a variety of dental procedures. Patients suffering from tooth sensitivity can benefit from dental ozone treatments. Following therapy, patients reported fewer concerns with cold and hot sensations. Gum disease is widespread, and ozone therapy's capacity to kill bacteria has proven highly effective. Ozone therapy has also been used to sterilize root canals to lessen the risk of infection and the necessity for retreatment or extraction.

Recovery time is one of the most noticeable advantages of ozone therapy. Ozone dental therapy is non-invasive. You can resume your routine immediately after your appointment because there will be no drilling, topical numbing treatments, or pain drugs that can leave you exhausted.

Both toddlers and adults benefit from dental ozone therapy. Visit Carlston Dental Group at 2472 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064, or call (310) 838-0844 for the best dental care tailored to your needs.


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